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Special Services


Baptism is the rite of initiation by which a child or adult is received into the Body of Christ and the community of faith at St. Andrew's. Infants may be baptized in the Episcopal Church, with the support of parents and godparents who pledge to rear the children in a life of faith. Older children and adults make those promises on their own behalf. We celebrate baptisms on Sundays throughout the year and on special feast days. Please contact one of the clergy or the Parish Administrator for more information or to schedule a baptism for yourself or your child.


Children who have been baptized in the Episcopal Church may choose to be confirmed upon reaching an age (usually 16-18) by which they can make a more mature commitment to their faith. We typically offer youth Confirmation classes every other year during the spring semester. 

Adults who come to St. Andrew's from another denomination and have already been baptized may also choose to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church. Confirmation is for those who have not been confirmed in another tradition and have not yet made an adult commitment of faith. Reception is for those who have made such a commitment in another denomination. Services of Confirmation and Reception are offered approximately once each year when the Bishop is present. Preparation for Confirmation and Reception is available through the Newcomers Classes offered each January/February as part of the Adult Forum, and also through special classes organized by the clergy.


Christian marriage is a solemn and public covenant made in the presence of God. Parishioners, family members of parishioners, those interested in joining the church, and others with special affiliations are welcome to inquire about being married at St. Andrew's. Weddings may be scheduled throughout the year by contacting the church office. 

Per the 2015 change in the Episcopal Church canons and the laws of the Commonwealth, we are delighted to offer marriage services for both same gender and opposite gender couples. In March of 2013, before civil marriage was legal for gay couples in Virginia, we were the first church in the diocese to bless a same gender union.


Mourning those who have died while celebrating their risen life with Christ is one of the sacred responsibilities of this church family. Funeral services for church members, family members, or others with special affiliations are offered as needed and by request. If you wish to pre-plan some aspects of your funeral, please click on the following link to download a form which can be filled out and kept on file in the church office. (Pre-planning for a Funeral)