Ministries Within Our Parish

The parish office is always a good initial point of contact to learn more about our various church ministries and how you can get involved.  Below are brief descriptions of ministries within our parish, along with contact information. 

Each week, youth in grades six through twelve faithfully serve as acolytes and help lead our worship service.  Contact Doug Tillberg at 499-6008.

Altar guild members work quietly and reverently to prepare our altar for worship and to clean up after the services are over.  Contact Ellie Ankerson at 623-0597.

Another quiet and reverent ministry is polishing the silver and brass in the sanctuary to maintain the beauty of our worship space.   Contact Ellie Ankerson at 623-0597.

Under the guidance of the Junior Warden, the Building & Grounds Committee is responsible for the upkeep of St. Andrew's church and property. Committee members oversee maintenance and supply services and also develop long-range capital improvement plans. Contact Page Lea 650-6701.

We are blessed with a rich tradition of sacred music at St. Andrew's.  Our music program includes a senior choir, a junior choir, a handbell choir, and a gospel string band.  Contact Stephen Leist at 859-338-9361.

This committee oversees the various formation programs for children and youth.  See the Formation webpages for more.  Contact Harper Lewis at 622-5530.

The Church Mouse is a gift shop at St. Andrew's and operated by the Women of the Church. It is open Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., and after services each Sunday. During the summer, the Mouse is open only on Sundays after the services. When you need a special gift, prayer book, or greeting cards, please remember the Church Mouse. The profit generated by the Church Mouse is used by the Women of St. Andrew’s for outreach. Volunteers are welcome; contact Jane Smith at 627-2728.

The Communications Committee oversees our various parish publications, ranging from a monthly print newsletter (The Saltire), to our weekly electronic newsletter (Happening at St. Andrew's), to this website.  Contact Beth Lloyd at 627-4888. 

The Finance Committee aids the Vestry in the development of an annual budget and meets monthly to monitor our parish income, expenses and investments.  Contact Jim Rhodes at 627-5980.

The members of this faithful and talented group arrange flowers each week to decorate our sanctuary for worship.  They also assist with the decorations at weddings and other special parish events, including the annual Flower Festival.  Contact Venessa August at (513) 505-2100 (c) or Debbie Goode-Jones at 440-9516.

A host of parishioners rotate duty as lay readers and/or chalice bearers for our Sunday services.  Contact Carol Branch at 623-7658.

We at St. Andrew's love to gather around a shared meal.  The members of the Parish Life Committee organize a variety of social events and meals throughout the church year, including weekly coffee hour (contact Deane Sobol at 623-0796), monthly Sunday breakfasts (Amber Pickrell at 627-9258), Foyer Dinners (contact Mike Whitehurst 483-9898), and special receptions (contact Deane Sobol at 623-0796).

Sam's Scarves Bring Warmth to Those Without Shelter. At the end of 2012, Sam Williams went to the Prayer Shawl Ministry with the idea that we should knit scarves for those attending NEST. This idea was passed to the congregation and the project did very well in that we received 90 hand knitted scarves from our knitters and their friends outside the church. Since that time we have knit and distributed close to 200 scarves.  Whether you are an expert or a beginning knitter, knitting a scarf is as simple as doing a knit stitch from beginning to end. The scarves should be at least 4 feet long and made of dark yarn that is washable. Scarves may be deposited outside of the Church Office.  Several easy knitting and crochet patterns may be found here.
For more information about our Prayer Shawl Ministry including instructions on how to knit a shawl, click Prayer Shawl Ministry and Prayer Shawl Instructions. Also check out the new patterns: 3 Crochet Patterns for Prayer Shawls and a Cozy Comfort Prayer Shawl Crochet Pattern.

The members of the Stewardship Committee facilitate our annual pledge drive to support the operating budget of St. Andrew's.  We are currently extending our concept of stewardship to include planned giving.  Contact Molly Dey at 858-8440. 

The Vestry is the elected leadership body of the parish.  The Constitutions and Canons of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Southern Virginia provide that each parish shall have an annual congregational meeting at which the election of Vestry members shall take place. St. Andrew's Vestry consists of fifteen members, five elected each year to serve a three-year term. The Vestry elects officers which consist of a Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Register, and Treasurer.

A fellowship and service organization for all the women of the parish, the Women of St. Andrew's make grants toward church and community needs and sponsor various special events such as their annual Book, Bargain and Bake Sale which takes place in September.  In the fall of 2014, they started a special Sudanese Fund to help our local Sudan families in times of crisis.  Also in the fall of 2014, they released a cookbook, "Blessings From Heaven", in celebration of the church's 100th birthday in 2011.  The cookbook contains 450 delicious recipes that span 100 years of cooking.  It is sold in their gift shop, the Church Mouse.  Contact Lois Gail Davis at 489-8603.
The Young Adult Fellowship strives to engage people who are roughly in their 20s, 30s and early 40s.  Wine and the Word is a women's study and fellowship group that meets monthly.  Other gatherings for all young adults are held throughout the year.  Contact Harper Lewis at 622-5530.