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Officers and Vestry

St. Andrew’s is led by a Vestry (Board) of 15 members, each elected for three-year terms.  Vestry members serve as ushers on Sunday mornings and as ambassadors of hospitality.  They also serve as ministry liaisons to the various parish committees, and they share with the clergy and staff in shaping the mission of our church.  

The Vestry is led by the Senior and Junior Wardens, in partnership with the Rector.  We are intentional about maintaining diverse representation throughout all aspects of our church leadership, both lay and ordained. As a result, we are “verified clear” according to Church Clarity, a database which tracks congregational policies and practices of inclusion.    

Senior Warden: Larry Pasquinelli 
Junior Warden: Deane Sobol
Treasurer: Larry Brett
Register: Harper Lea

Term: September 2018 - August 2021 

Pat Garris
Nancy King
Larry Pasquinelli 
Derris Raper
Deane Sobol

Term: September 2019 - August 2022

Mavis Benz
Harper Lea
Bonnie Johnson 
James Philput
Nate Rippel

Term: September 2020 - August 2023

George Dahl
Sarah Deaver
Charlie Hinsch
JJ Jacobson-Allen
Beth Lloyd