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Who We Are

St. Andrew’s is a vibrant, inclusive parish, formed in the fellowship of Christ.  We strive to be a place of hope for all people, to reach beyond ourselves, and to manifest God’s love in the world.

Inclusion and Hospitality

We strive to love widely and deeply.  We are an inclusive, open, and affirming parish, comprised of people of all stages and walks of life.  We bear witness to God’s love by aiming to provide a place of hospitality, healing, and hope for everyone who comes through our doors. 


Gospel-based Mission and Ministry

We endeavor to reach beyond ourselves and put the gospel into action.  The stained glass windows in our sanctuary depict scenes from Matthew 25, in which Jesus commends those who nourish the hungry and thirsty, care for the sick and needy, visit the prisoner, and welcome the stranger.  These images inspire and define our call to ministry in the world.


Eucharistic and Baptismal Faith

Each week we come together to seek solace and renewal in the healing power of the Holy Eucharist.  Our celebration of thanksgiving for Christ’s resurrection binds us as a community lifts our hearts, and we carry that spriit into our daily lives and work as we live out our baptismal vows.


Spiritual Formation for All Ages

We bring inquiring minds and open hearts to our journeys of faith.  We know that we do not have all the answers, and we value thoughtful conversations and genuine community.  We are committed to fun and meaningful formation and fellowship for children and youth, as well as adults. 


Joy, Beauty, and Wonder

We worship with joy and reverence.  We value the elegance and ritual of Episcopal liturgy, the beauty of sacred music, and the comfort and tradition of our sanctuary. We also celebrate the wonder of God’s creation by using our flowers and gardens as instruments of praise.


We strive to live by these core values because we believe they reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ, expressed in our context today.  Here are some of the ways we try to put these values into action:

  • We are a faithful church, with joyful, reverent worship, beautiful music, and myriad small groups to help people of all ages deepen their relationships with God and one another.  
  • We are a growing church, with a thriving children’s and youth ministry and an atmosphere of welcome and inclusion.  As a result, our attendance has grown more than 50% over the past decade. 
  • We are a compassionate church, caring for each other when we are sick or in need, celebrating with one another in joy, and reaching out in love through one of the most comprehensive outreach programs in the Diocese.  
  • We are a visionary church, electing the first woman to a Vestry in the state of Virginia in 1969, and celebrating the first same gender blessing in our Diocese in 2013, prior to the advent of marriage equality. 
  • We are an engaged church, birthing the first local HIV/AIDS service organization in the early 1990s, and more recently facilitating city-wide collaborations aimed at reducing gun violence and increasing access to mental health care.  
  • We are a friendly, neighborhood church, encircled by residential houses and tree-lined streets.  This is our immediate context, but we embrace a mission far beyond these borders.  We are a neighborhood church with a heart for the world, and we hope that you will join us!