1004 Graydon Avenue 
Norfolk, VA 23507 
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Who We Are

St. Andrew’s is an active, inclusive parish that combines beautiful music and worship with a joyful, family-friendly atmosphere and a commitment to reaching out in love. We are a neighborhood church with a heart for the world.
Saint Andrew's is a parish of worship, spiritual growth, acceptance and healing centered in the Eucharist. We reach beyond ourselves, striving to allow God to work through our hands as Christ's own. In our role as stewards of God's gifts we embrace a comprehensive concept of stewardship as central to our ministry. As a place of hope for all people, we celebrate with joy through grace our oneness in Christ.

Spirit of Warmth and Welcome
We strive to love widely and deeply. We are an inclusive parish, comprised of people of all stages and walks of life. We bear witness to God's love by aiming to provide a place of hospitality, healing, and hope for everyone who comes through our doors.

Call to Mission and Ministry
We endeavor to reach beyond ourselves. The stained glass windows in our sanctuary depict scenes from Matthew 25, in which Jesus commends those who nourish the hungry and thirsty, care for the sick and needy, visit the prisoner, and welcome the stranger. These images inspire and define our call to ministry in the world.

Eucharistic Faith
Each week we come together to seek solace and renewal in the healing power of the Holy Eucharist. Our celebration of thanksgiving for Christ's resurrection binds us as a community, lifts our hearts, and enlivens our faith, and we carry that faith into our daily lives and work.

Inquiring Minds and Open Hearts
We bring inquiring minds and open hearts to our journeys of faith. We know that we do not have all the answers and we enjoy exploring the questions as we seek a deeper knowledge and love of God.

Sense of Beauty and Wonder
We value the simple elegance and ritual of Episcopal worship. We appreciate the beauty of sacred music, the familiarity of our prayers, and the comfort and tradition of our sanctuary. We also celebrate the wonder of God's creation by using our flowers and gardens as instruments of praise.