Recent Sermons

The following sermons were recently offered to the Glory of God, and to others that they may share in the journey to seek and grow in knowledge and love of God.

May 21, 2017, The Rev. John Rohrs St. Andrew"s Day

May 7, 2017, The Rev. John Rohrs "Fences" 4 Easter C

April 23, 2017, The Rev. Andie Wigodsky Rohrs 2 Easter A

April 16, 2017, The Rev. John Rohrs Easter Sunday

April 2, 2017, The Rev. John Rohrs "Bones and Breath" 5 Lent A

March 26, 2017, The Rev. John Rohrs "Creation of the World" 4 Lent A

March 12, 2017, The Rev. Andie Wigodsky Rohrs 2 Lent A 

February 26, 2017, The Rev. John Rohrs "Living in the Moment" Last Epiphany A

February 19, 2017, The Rev. John Rohrs "The Third Way" 7 Epiphany A

February 12, 2017, The Rev. Andie Wigodsky Rohrs 6 Epiphany A

February 5, 2017, The Rev. John Rohrs "Salt and Light"  5 Epiphany A

January 29, 2017, The Rev. John Rohrs "Seeing with God's Eyes"  4 Epiphany A

December 24, 2016, The Rev. John Rohrs  Christmas Eve

December 4, 2016, The Rev. Andie Wigodsky Rohrs  2 Advent A

November 27, 2016, The Rev. John Rohrs  1 Advent A

Older sermons are available by request. Please contact Dennis Sipes for more information.